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Who founded Accessible Indonesia?


Kerstin, originally from Germany, has made Indonesia her home since 1998. 2016, she established Accessible Indonesia, bringing her vision of inclusive travel to life. Her expertise is crucial in accessible travel through regular consultations with the team and our partners. Her work extends beyond the company as she also contributes her skills to the local non-profit organization YDTI, focusing on training and advising on inclusion and accessibility.

Who is behind Accessible Indonesia?

Company profile

Accessible Indonesia” is professionally supported by two distinguished Indonesian travel agencies, Vifa Holiday DMC and KCBJ Tours & Travel. Motivated by a firm conviction in the universal right to travel, this collaborative effort aims to facilitate inclusive tourism experiences. With Indonesia, particularly Bali and Yogjakarta, standing as a renowned global destination, “Accessible Indonesia” is steadfast in its commitment to fostering accessibility for all travelers where possible.

Who is the team?

our team in bali

Our local drivers, guides and assistants are ready to accompany your tour.

our team in Java

Every member is trained to assist guests with disabilities and seniors.