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Balinese cooking class

Discover the secrets of Balinese and Indonesian cooking with Chef Mudana in Sanur. Our hands-on classes will introduce you to Balinese local cuisine’s vibrant flavors and unique techniques.

The workshop’s location is in a private kitchen in a family house that radiates authentic Balinese vibes and style. 

The workshop is a practical dive into preparing various dishes, including making spice pastes from scratch. At the end, enjoy the fruits of your labor with a shared meal. You’ll also get a recipe booklet to take home. Want something special? Ask for a customized class, including traditional sweets and cakes.



Interactive cooking class teaching participants how to create home-style Balinese food.

Class Size

Open group class with a minimum of 2 to 12 participants


There is a morning class starting at 9 am and an afternoon class at 17:00

Happy Feedback from our guests

Wheelchair accessible

Our facilities are wheelchair-accessible, as confirmed by our survey and the positive experiences of many guests who have joined us. We’re committed to welcoming everyone to explore the flavors of Bali with ease and comfort.

Embracing the flavors of Bali: A moment of culinary creativity, accessible to everyone.

Ensuring accessibility: Our thoughtfully designed ramp bridges the way to this unique experience.

Chef Mudana

The Heart and Soul of Our Cooking Classes. Known for his open heart and unforgettable smile, Chef Mudana is each dish’s guiding host and curator. 

His passion for cooking shines as brightly as his personality, ensuring every participant feels included, valued, and inspired regardless of the group size. 

With a wealth of knowledge and a knack for making everyone feel at home, he turns every class into a memorable journey through the flavors of Bali.