Pergerakan Difabel Indonesia untuk Kesetaraan, a.k.a PERDIK, a Disabled People’s Organization from Makassar in Sulawesi, took part to celebrate International Day of Persons with Disability. They celebrated in different and unique ways by organizing an expedition to climb up Latimojong Mountain in South Sulawesi, which is 3478 meters high. Interestingly, there were two physically disabled and one visually impaired member of PERDIK who took part in this adventure. The volunteers and expert mountain climbers supported these two since Latimojong Mountain is challenging to explore. The hike passes through tropical mountain forests, frequently shrouded with thick clouds and mists, especially in December when the rainy season begins.

As Ishak Salim, a representative of PERDIK, explains, the expedition was not solely about conquering the mountain. It was a powerful statement, a call to action, to highlight the persistent barriers and discrimination faced by people with disabilities. We at Accessible Indonesia applaud the mountaineering club for their efforts.


We look forward to a future where more individuals with disabilities can experience the thrill of climbing mountains in Indonesia!

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