World Tourism Day, observed annually on September 27th, serves as a global platform to celebrate the significance of tourism and its cultural, social, economic, and environmental impacts. Each year, the day marks a specific theme highlighting essential aspects of the tourism industry. In 2016, the theme was “Tourism for All—Promoting Universal Accessibility.” It emphasizes the importance of making tourism accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities.

The concept of “Tourism for All” is a powerful one. It advocates for inclusive and barrier-free tourism. It ensures that all people, regardless of their physical abilities, can reap the benefits of travel. This approach recognizes the rights of all individuals to access and participate in tourism activities, thereby promoting equality, diversity, and social inclusion.

On World Tourism Day 2016, all stakeholders, from governments, tourism organizations, businesses, and communities worldwide, came together to raise awareness about the importance of accessible tourism and to take concrete steps towards making tourism destinations and services more inclusive. Including Accessible Indonesia, join us in celebrating World Tourism Day 2016. Watch Accessible Indonesia’s message for World Tourism Day on 27 September 2016

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